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The OGRSpatialReference, and OGRCoordinateTransformation classes provide services to represent coordinate systems (projections and datums) and to transform between them.

These services are loosely modeled on the OpenGIS Coordinate Transformations specification, and use the same Well Known Text format for describing coordinate systems.

SetUTM (int nZone, int bNorth=TRUE) Writing old balmettes.com files is not supported by OGRSpatialReference. However the morphToESRI() and exportToWkt() methods can be used to generate output suitable to write to new style (Arc 8).prj files. This function is the equivalent of the C function OSRImportFromESRI().

Create an array section, using an NDF section as a template. NDF_XIARY: Obtain access to an array stored in an NDF extension. AGS_NZONE: Create a new zone from the current picture.

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Writing a will template nzone
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